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Inspiration for daily living

Each week I sent out a daily inspirational text to a group of about 80 people. What I’ve learned over the months is we all need a place where we can be inspired to grow.

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea what I would write. At first it was difficult, I didn’t know the “rules” of blogging. The more informed I became about consistency, subject matter and content, I knew that my best blogging was to come.

I wanted my blog to be a larger version of what I did through my daily text. Blogging tips for authentic living was born. My way of inspiring others to be authentic.

Most people want/need a little inspiration to push them along the way. Inspiration comes in many forms. Including following blogs, reading books and quotes, etc.. You can choose to be inspired by any means of your choice.

What steps are you taking to be inspired?

Life has presented us with many challenges. Our ability to cope is developed through how we respond to the challenge. Having inspiration as part of your strategy will take you a long way in making the best of life’s challenges.

Knowing what you need in the moment is key.

Do you remember some the ways we were instructed to deal with adverse situations? Here are a few: think before you act, count to ten, walk away, etc. These are all ways to invite a moment of shift in the situation. To create a response instead of a reaction.

I would like to invite another way of shifting. Inspiration, it is another way to invoke a response in the situation. Counting to ten is nice, but after having counted, you need words that respond with the truth about who you are. Most challenges in life come to define some aspect of who we are. What if your response was to define yourself in the moment? Thinking before you act with a response whether spoken or unspoken can go a long way in developing character and strength under control.

Life has given us many tools to help us define ourselves. The more we practice them, the more they become a part of our daily living.
Making inspiration part of your daily thought process is another way to develop character for authentic living.

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