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Loving yourself is to live on purpose

I just wrote an ebook, The Art of Loving Yourself. I wrote this ebook because I believe that loving ourselves means knowing who we are and walking in who we are created to be. In love we exemplify the highest level of our being, and become most like our creator.


Here is a sample from the book:
“Everything is in life is based on your ability to learn to love yourself. When you love yourself you to take responsibility for the choices you make and you move closer to realizing our dream.When you treat yourself in a loving way, everything in life will work together to assist you. Love creates a healthy environment in which you can grow and produce the kind of life you want. Loving yourself develops into healthy decision making skills and produces loving relationships that foster growth. When you love yourself you disconnect from everything that do not support you. You become more willing to confront life and make tough choices. Loving yourself begins with believing you deserved to be loved.”


Loving yourself means walking in your uniqueness. It’s the greatest lesson you can give to others. Knowing who you are creates a desire within to love yourselves more. It means showing others through action what love is and can be. When you become who you are created to be it is the geatest lesson in “The Art of Loving Yourself”.


Get a FREE copy of the Ebook  www.carlaamstrong.com

The Art of Loving Yourself

Carla Armstrong is a speaker, consultant and life coach for women and teens. She develops training programs for college students, single mothers and HR professionals. She may be contacted at http://www.carlaarmstrong.com

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