Welcome to March Madness

Happy March!! It’s hard to believe but it’s here. You are probably wondering why I chose this title. 

Whenever I think of March, this college basketball term comes to mind. (In case you didn’t know I’m a single parent to a son). During this month college teams compete for the national championship of basketball. It’s a crazy time with a lot of games being played back to back. http://www.ncaa.com/march-madness

This month we will blog about the madness that goes on in our personal lives.  The competing priorities we allow to takeover our days. The back to back lifestyle we have created and called living.

I’ve been talking to a lot of women who are having a hard time with being disciplined. As women we can become so busy with doing that we forget about being. I’m guilty too! We get a few moments to ourselves, we feel guilty and start doing. Sound familiar? The madness of doing hinders us from embracing being.

Embracing ways of being can help us transition to a more disciplined way of living. One client after 5 years of working two jobs has finally had a full night’s rest. Can you imagine not resting for five years? It took her body two months to adjust to sleeping through the night. She emailed me so excited because she slept through the night.

These are a few of the things we as women, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc., have put ourselves though trying to BE. Being does not equal doing. Rest is necessary to BE. Let’s break free of the March madness of life by finding a more disciplined way of being.  It’s necessary for our spritual, mental and physical health.

Start by creating an environment that welcomes personal time. Time for reflecting on how to better utilize what we have been given. As we enter into the first day of March, let’s confront madness of our busy lives by embracing a more disciplined way of living.

This month, March Madness is a term we will use to confront our busy lives.  We will approach it by identifying ways to use more focused simple disciplines.

Happy March Madness!!