Friday’s, A Mother’s Last Word

Our new Friday blog,” A Mother’s Last Word”, is written by Lystra John. This story is dedicated to every mother who has lost a son.

Today, Good Friday is celebrated in some parts of the world. The day is meant to observe Jesus Christ and his suffering for Christians.

Jesus had 7 last saying during his time of crucifixion on the cross. (Taken from the four gospels).
1)      Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
2)      Truly I say to you today you will be with me in paradise
3)      Woman behold your son, behold your mother
4)      My God, My God why have you forsaken me
5)      I Thirst
6)      It is finished
7)      Father, into your hands I commit my spirit

For the purpose of this blog, I will focus on the third saying where Jesus says to his Mother “Woman behold your son” and to John his best friend, “Behold your mother”. It may seem as though Jesus was being disrespectful. However, in the context of the event he was very mindful of what she was about to witness and experience after his death. He knew her heart must be hurting to see her son crucified. While preparing for his own death he wanted to assure himself that she would be well taken care of. He knew that his best friend would take care of his mother. He knew the hole that his passing would leave in her heart and wanted to be sure to fill it with the love of someone he could trust.

BUT GOD….On the third day her son arose from the dead.

Fast forward 2000 plus years.

I think of Trayvon Martin and the way his mother must have felt when she received the phone call that her son was dead. This mother now left with a hole in her heart. She did not have time to prepare for the death of her son. She had to bury her son and deal with the injustice of a system over which she has no control.

BUT GOD…..This story found a way in to the public eye and now this mother has an opportunity for the death of her son to take on a larger meaning in our society. Trayvon is an angel and yes he is gone but he is not forgotten and making history. His mother’s word to us is that “we are all Trayvon Martin.”

I can’t compare Trayvon to Jesus but here is a story that has the ability to remind us about a few things as a nation.

1. Injustice still exist
2. Death of our sons still leaves holes in our hearts
3. Mothers must never give up

Despite all we go through as mothers, the ups and downs of living, we know God will not leave us. He will always send his angels (our sons) to guard over and BE there for us.