Friday’s A mother’s last word….Living for me

Living for me

I’m sad today I heard the story
I lost the battle gone home to glory.
Peace I felt it never came
All I felt was guilt and shame.

Joy was all my heart hope for
But the love I found no more.
Trials of life they waited me down
All that’s left for me a crown.

I found my rest from cares and pain
In this place there’s never rain.
The battle of life I’m now set free
I’ve found the place where I am me.

Here I see the light of day
Never a care what others say.
What died and left was blinded eyes
Living for me I’ve found my prize.

Carla Armstrong is a speaker, consultant and life coach for women and teens. She develops training programs for college students, single mothers and HR professionals. She may be contacted at

Getting off the hook of expectation re-visited

I wrote this blog title one month ago. Since then, I have conducted two teleseminars for a women’s empowerment call. It’s amazing how re-visiting a topic can produce more enlightenment.

On the calls, I talked about points the previous blog didn’t contain. Growth has a way of doing this. When we are open to all the possibilities life has to offer, we can expand our lives. Sometimes we need to re-visit things to enhance our perspective. In the first blog I couldn’t talk about concrete outcomes. Having gained a better perspective it’s now possible to see the benefits in action. I may be talking about this blog, but I’m really talking about life.

At times, our growth is predicated on the ability to reach back and look at things through the lense of time and application.

Here are some lessons learned.

As women we must:

*Know when it’s time to let people go, (we have an innate tendency to hold on long after it’s over)
*Let people go, so we can to be free to care for ourselves
*Realize letting go frees us as well as the person we have placed expectation on
*Let go so our physical/mental/spiritual bodies can come into alignment
*Be willing to face and come to terms with our own need for holding on

Holding people on the hook of expectation is like catching a fish and keeping it out of the water. Death is inevitable.

In one month of time and application, some of us have lost weight, feel free, let go of unhealthy relationships and are taking better care of self. What areas of your life might benefit from a re-visit? Take time for introspection. You may be surprised by how little time it takes for growth.

Some times looking at life through a re-visit, can go a long way in showing us just how awesome our lives can be. 

Here’s to getting off the hook of expectation re-visited!