Mothers – A gift from God

To all the mother’s on my Facebook page,

May you be blessed beyond measure.

You are a gift that keeps on giving.

The world is a better place because you are raising its future leaders.

I love each of you and pray your continued success!!

Coach Carla Armstrong

Tools for growth…it’s what you believe

Today world is filled with information. The information highway can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you believe. The growing pains you experience through your believe system are tied to the information you choose to receive.

Tools for growth:

Choose carefully who you listen to, guard your gates ( eyes, ears, etc)
Develop relationships based on what YOU believe to be true for you
Develop a relationship with the person and the message
Always check the message to ensure it’s aligned with what you believe
Set aside quality time for messages that inspire and follow the direction
Streamline the messengers, everyone can’t speak to you

It is easy to be taken in by what looks good. My mother always told me, “what looks good, isn’t always good for you.”
Develop your belief system, a great way to enter is through building a foundation of prayer for direction.

Stand firm on what you believe and growth will be your reward!

Your light is not yours to own…..

Earlier this week I talked about the importance of not dimming your light but shining.. The subject of light prompted people to look within. Light isn’t external, it’s internal.

It’s amazing how being busy living can cause you to loose sight of yourself. The price of loosing sight of self, is that noone else can see you either. What they see is some false image of self that can never BE light. The inability to see clearly casts a shadow over our lives. It disguises our true identity. Leading us to connect with people, places and things that further disguise our identity.

One of the first steps to unveiling your light is to remove the translucent picture. Translucent is to be “like, as”, a version of some thing. It’s a form of light. Why be the form of light when you can be the real thing?

Here are a few questions we must ask ourselves:

What is it about my truth that makes me want to falsely represent it.? Why am I afraid to live what I believe to be the truth about me? Truth shines a light of introspection.  In this moment, you are completely responsible for your light. You must be willing to confront whatever “you” have created to block the light. Light is a confrontation with the ego.

The fear of light is exposure. Being open for others to see and you to judge can be our greatest fear. We don’t mind others seeing the light, our real fear is the judgement we place upon ourselves. It is what we BELIEVE about our light that causes our fear.  If you diffuse this belief system by embracing true light, you can shine.

Our light can shine when we let go of our need to “own” the light. It is not your light. You are a representation of light. It is the image in which you were created. To make fear based judgements about our light is to miss out on the real reason for shining. We shine because we were created to shine. Shining is our God given right!!

Letting your light shine isn’t about you, it’s about us being seen as God in the earth. Leading others to the light is the purpose for shining.

Let your light SHINE, so other may see their way!!