A time of reflection is good for the soul

As we close out this Women’s History month and time of self care, I would like to reflect on each of this month’s blog posts.

We began with:

“March Madness” recognizing our need for a more discipline way of living.

“Solitude a place for self care” – where we learn how to get alone and be with ourselves to self care.

“Personal care thru prayer and meditation” – was one way we could benefit from time alone.

“Don’t dim your light…..shine” – the importance of letting our light shine and embracing it.

“Your light is not yours to own” – reminded us that we belong to someone great than ourselves. An all knowing God.

“Three steps to moving beyond frustration” – we learned how to use our newly found skills to stay on track.

A poem, “It’s time” – taught us the importance of finding our voice as women, we choose to no longer shrinks down but stand up.

“Caring for yourself is….to honor God” – pointed us back to our creator and his divine reason for allowing us to be like him authentic.

March closes out the first quarter of 2012. This year is moving very quickly. It is a good time to reflect on where you are.  Are you doing what you said? Don’t let life pass you by, engage yourself in the life you were created to live!!

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