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Thank you so much for coming to speak to the teen parents of Mentor, Encourage, Lift and Love, Inc. Your presentation on “Teen Parenting From a Healthy Place”  not only gave insight on being a teen parent, but how to be a GOOD teen parent and a positive influence on your children.  Our teen parents, volunteers and mentors truly enjoyed you and we would love to have you as a guest speaker again.

Tammie Amoroso

Executive Director

Mentor, Encourage, Lift and Love, Inc.



Carla’s God-fearing faith as a life coach exudes wisdom, compassion and knowledge to help her clients.  Realizing the growing pangs of an emerging movement, she pledged her support and told me if I ever needed anything to call her so I did.  She went beyond the call of duty to provide some emergency supportive coaching to my family member who is a single-mother overcoming an abusive relationship.  At a moments notice when we had no place else to turn to aside from a medical counseling facility.  I called Coach Armstrong!  As promised, she willingly made herself available.  For this, I have nothing but gratitude for Coach Armstrong.  Her method of coaching gives women and young girls the power to set themselves free from a pattern of making unhealthy choices in life.  A “fashionista,” life coach and saving grace, this is the Carla Armstrong I’ve had the pleasure of knowing-a giving spirit.

Katika Mercer

Youth Consultant

Better Baltimore Youth Movement


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